PNS AStech

Special Steel Structure

Our steel structure technologies which realize super long span and super high rise structures. They are based on our world-class raw material technology fostered by our steel making business, and it enables us to execute any process from structural design to fabrication and construction work reliably.

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Response Control and Seismic Isolation Devices

We offer ingenious anti seismic technologies and products as economical, reliable and secure solutions.

In earthquake prone regions worldwide, our products have been applied to a large number of structures including buildings, bridges and other various types of infrastructure for many years.

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Steel Pile Products

Steel Pile Products are environmentally friendly breakthrough in construction that reduces waste soil, noise and vibration as it works to conserve the environment while leveraging the superior seismic resistant capability of steel piles.

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Bridge Products

We offer Panel Bridge which simplify the construction process by integrating main girders and composite floor slabs in the factory, that is suitable for both new construction and aging floor slab replacement.

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Disaster Mitigation Products

Non-Frame Method™ stabilizes the slope through interaction between natural ground and reinforcing materials, by utilizing the natural slope vegetation and driving a number of relatively short rockbolts (rod-type reinforcement) along the slope.

Steel Slit Dam™ allow harmless sediments to flow downstream under normal conditions and secure the sediment volume until occurrence of a debris avalanche. They also contribute to maintain the riverbed level in downstream areas and prevent recession of the riverbank.

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