PNS AStech

The President’s Greetings

Takashi Shirai
PNS Advanced Steel Technology, Inc. provides special steel structures for building & civil engineering constructions. Moreover, this steel structure program aims for the developmental growth of the Philippines. To be more specific, we make use of the excellent and resilient features of steel; provide molded steel structures, and technologies that are primarily developed in Japan, such as Earthquake-resistant Dampers, Un-bonded Brace, and Seismic Isolation Technology that are applicable to the Philippine architectural and civil engineering structures. Thus, we have an important mission to provide magnificence, functionality, and safety to the assets and infrastructures in the Philippines.

The new company holds a joint venture. We will be merging both the Japanese and Philippine technologies and I firmly believe that this is effective and appropriate enough to promote the integration of the use of steel structures here in the Philippines. I am confident that the combination of spirits between the Philippines and Japan will make a big change towards construction technology in this country. The current situation in the Philippines shows that the use of steel structures for the main concrete structures has not fully penetrated yet. However, although I think that you already know even by looking at the other countries that have made economic development in recent years, it is clear that as the country becomes richer, its structural materials also becomes richer and wider. As the result, the steel structures are spreading. For the investment behavior to take place, we are here for that we aim to have technological improvements as early as possible and have more sophisticated products in the combination process between Japan and Philippines, and we will continue to provide good quality steel structures herein after.

In the past, we create large span constructions in design structures and high-rise architectures. Japan is an earthquake-prone country where 20% of the world’s earthquake is concentrated. Hence, we have been seriously and deeply conducting research, developments and products that will cater to those issues such as the use of “Earthquake-resistant” Technology. These additions to the existing buildings or new buildings make the structures safer and inexpensive possible. In line with the menu, pre-engineered building and bridge products should be placed focused on the short construction period, steel piles which pursue not only having high and additional features but also reducing impacts on the environment. Our new company also handles disaster prevention products for civil engineering that are developed by the Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Group.

We firmly believe that the steel structures like large-span and high-rise building that we aim here will become a landmark of this country. This only means that our growth from this country can only be seen where the growth of the Philippines takes place. It is my hope to become the touchstone to narrate the said development. As I dreamed, everyone in the Philippines desires for beautiful, strong, safe and secure steel structures, and that the whole country will become richer, and for all these to happen, I do want to take the role of making them into reality.

Company Profile

Company Name: PNS Advanced Steel Technology, Inc. (PNS ASTech)

Established: June 17, 2013

Provide items: Magnificence, functionality, and safety to the assets
 and infrastructures in the Philippines

  • (1) Special Steel Structure
  • (2) Response Control and Seismic Isolation Devices
  • (3) Steel Pile Products
  • (4) Bridge Products
  • (5) Disaster Mitigation Products


Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Ltd (54%)

Grandspan Development Corporation (20%)

ESCA Incorporated (10%)

Nippon Steel Metal Products Co., Ltd (10%)

Nippon Steel Bussan Corporation (NSSB) (3%)

Marubeni Itochu Sumisho Techno Steel Inc. (3%)

The Directors

Mr. Takashi Shirai: Chairman of the Board
 Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Ltd

Mr. Takashi Shirai: President of PNS ASTech

Mr. Kohji Yamaoka:: Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Ltd

Mr. Shigeo Morimoto: Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Ltd

Mr. Alfredo S. Tiu: Grandspan Development Corporation

Dr. Ernesto S. De Castro: ESCA Incorporated