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Pre-engineered Bridge Products

We offer a wide range of bridge products including KAKUTA Bridge™ with steeldeck slabs consisting of square tubes and Panel Bridge™ which simplify the construction process by integrating main girders and composite floor slabs in the factory, that is suitable for both new construction and aging floor slab replacement.

Kakuta Bridge™

Kakuta Bridge™, with maximum span length of 16 meters, is a steel deck slab bridge, using steel square tubes and steel pipes. The main purposes of development of this bridge are to cut the cost of construction and to shorten the construction period. Since the square tubing used for the bridge is very stiff and light in weight, it permits reducing the girder height and dead load as compared with ordinary steel bridges. The bridge installation work can be carried out even in confined working spaces.

Good Points of Kakuta Bridge™

1. Low Height of Beam and Light Weight

2. Super Easy and Speedy Construction

3. Easy Installation at Narrow Space

4. Suitable for Replacement of Superstructure

Kakuta Bridge™ Application

Installation beside Cherry Blossom Trees

Space for installation can be minimized
Name: Ootani Pedestrian Bridge
Owner: Sakato City
Design: Bridge Consultant
Specifications: Span = 12.9m
Width = 2.8m
Material: 8 pcs of steel square tube 350×350×9, 10 tons

Weathering steel application for Kakuta

Name: Kumanishi Bridge
Owner: Kitakyushu City
Design: Kyuwa Sekkei Company
Specification: Span = 9.4m
Width = 7.2m
Material: 24 pcs of steel square tube 300×300×9, 20 tons

Panel Bridge™

Panel Bridge™ is composed of a steel-concrete composite deck, steel I-beam, and SRC cross beam. The characteristics of the bridge aside from having a maximum span length of 50 meters are:

(1) can be applied to short span bridge

(2) it has small girder height

(3) has light weight of dead load

(4) with rapid construction period.

Characteristics of Panel Bridge™

Panel Bridge™ Applications