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Steel Pile Products

Steel Pile Products are environmentally friendly breakthrough in construction that reduces waste soil, noise and vibration as it works to conserve the environment while leveraging the superior seismic resistant capability of steel piles.


Most of the major cities in Japan are built on alluvial plains at the lower reaches of the rivers. Since alluvium is typically soft ground, structures such as high-rise buildings or expressways need to be supported by piles long enough to reach the hard ground base. Industrial waste such as waste soil or slurry as well as noise and vibration arising during the conventional pile construction method create environmental and social problems. Nippon Steel Engineering’s NS ECO-PILE solves all these problems and realizes high bearing capacity, excellent earthquake resistance, cost effectiveness and shorter construction period. This is the piling method of the future.

Structure of NS ECO-PILE™

NS ECO-PILE is a steel pile with a helical blade welded to the edge. During construction, a pile driver or casing rotator, for example, rotates the pile, and the blade on the edge performs the digging that drives the pile into the ground like a wood-screw.

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Pile diameter: 400 mm
Blade diameter: 800 mm


The NS ECO-SPIRAL method has been developed to exactly exceed the features of the NS ECO-PILE method. It meets the need for less soil excavation and enables piling work in narrow sites. And, it has successfully enhanced the skin bearing capacity of steel pipe piles (the bearing capacity of the stratum at the pile skin, referred to as the “skin bearing capacity”).

In the NS ECO-SPIRAL method, wings spiral around the pipe piles to a considerable length. The behavior of the wing and the ground is integrated by screwing these piles directly into the ground using a compact pile-driving machine, thereby demonstrating large skin bearing capacity. Accordingly, even in cases when the bearing stratum lies deep in the ground or its location is unclear, it is no longer necessary to extend piles to unreasonable lengths. *1

*1 It is a necessary condition that the strength and compactness of the ground beneath the pile tip be examined, and that the foundation not cause any uneven settlement.

Features and Applications™

1. Adequate ground support is required for lightweight equipment, but there is no clear bearing stratum.

2. It is required to resist the withdrawing load, but the pile length is necessarily kept short.

3. It is required that the foundations of temporary structures be dismantled after completion of the work.